Exclusive Interview 

BIO? About me New Orleans born and raised music has been a part of my life since I was 7 years old I played trumpet concert and marching band I started rapping because I wanted to give a voice to those who chose not to follow the typical way of life living in the hood I have friends from all walks of life because I myself have seen all walks of life I been well off I’ve been flat broke poor homeless and I’m here to say no matter what you can have the world if you focus believe in yourself and grind like there ain’t no tomorrow life is what you make it


Top 5 influences?: Early Biggie Later 2Pac Nas Lil Wayne Eminem

New Projects? : I’m currently working on my first official solo mixtape “Red Carpet Dreams ” I just released the self titled single this summer you can get that on all major digital distributors (iTunes,Tidal,Spotify etc.)

What got you into music? Honestly music has always been a safe haven for me it’s my peace my calm even when I had nothing I had music so I would say the influence it had on me made me do it

Anything to tell your fans? To my fans I love y’all I do this for us for the struggle for the come up and I’ll always remain humble because without you my music means nothing but with you I know I have a voice


Biggest goals for 2017? My biggest goal for 2017 is to make the top billboard 100 list I want the world to know my name….

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