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BIO from Plainfield NJ raised in Allentown PA (I rep both I’mma product of New Vania) been doing this music since 98 started producing only but knew I could sing so eventually I started putting that gift out there and that turned in to bars…and here I am…. sorta a triple threat.


Top 5 Influences? I’mma say….. Lupe fiasco… because of his subject matter…..(his skill is obvious) yasiin bey aka the mighty most def… his whole way of creating is inspirational he actually made me switch up alot of what I was doing when I first started….also why I combined both of my “vocal talents”. qtip… he’s the king of vibe to me. nobody can set the tone of a record or a whole body of work like that dude. beats are crazy as well. common… longevity …still sharp…..might be even sharper now lol…..if his album is a full concept it’s always grade A (gotta mention masta ace for the same reasons) skyzoo…might be the hardest working dude right now….drops project after project like it’s nothing and they’re always bangers…plus has a great ear for beat choices. there’s many more but off the top those are my G’s right there


New Projects? since I control my music I rarely do deadlines but I’m definitely gonna shoot for releasing two projects next year….one rnb titled “I had to do it” and a hip hop joint called “parallel blues” I’m looking forward to creating them….got some songs already for them but still need to edit record and finalize some things. 


What got you into music? my family on both sides. Aunts and uncles all sing musically inclined. uncles had groups produced had their own studios, cut their own records, used to be around so many musicians coming up. my dad and uncles used to be harmonizing around the grill at BBQs man it was just a regular thing to be somehow surrounded by music with my family. also being in Plainfield NJ I met alot of Parliament Funkadelic members and people who were behind the scenes doing things for major people. I witnessed jam sessions in studios and garages lol. Music has just always been around me. I played drums for choirs in church and my family were in the choirs so that came with traveling and so forth. The big cuzzo’s I gotta mention to, put me on all classic hip hop.


Anything to tell your fans? One thing I’ll tell my fans: I have fans? lol nah seriously I’ll tell my “supporters” to always be yourself. Dont become a template of anything. Being true to you is that factor of authenticity, the thing that naturally helps you stand out. Also with GOD all things are possible.


Biggest Goals of 2017?: to keep making dope music rather it’s my own or producing for others. I just want to be a part of what is great sounding. so far I believe I’m nailing it lol.

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