Slice Dhe’Guevara


Exclusive Interview 

BIO: My name is Slice Dhe (day) ‘Guevara. Im 22 from Trenton New Jersey. I moved to the Northside of Gwinnett County my junior year in highschool(16yo) where i met Kenzie Tarantino. We are now a collective called “Shaolin”.

Top 5 Influences?  I was writing music very young. It started off just reciting lyrics from Wu Tang, M.O.P. and the Lox. Wu Tang is definitely one of my biggest influences hands down. As well as G-unit, Wiz Khalifa, and the Cool Kids . 50cent is probably responsible for me picking up the mic and making me believe i could do it. My idol still to this day.

What got you into music? I never had a support system when it came to my dreams of pursuing music until my mom met her husband in 2007. He owned a small record lable at the time and i just wanted to make music so we hit it off. He pushed me to take it more serious than i ever did. And when he moved into my moms apartment he gave me all his studio equipment. At age 13 in middle school i had a whole studio set up in my room. Not even a real bed in my room n shit. Just a air mattress. I didnt even care, as long as i got to record every day.

Anything to tell your fans? If i had to tell my fans something or anyone that is paying attention to what I got going on is this. “SHAOLIN THE TEMPLE” simple as that. We take hip hop serious and we are not fond of the gimmick rappers. We have alot of real life music and fun music on the way. Stay tuned.

New Projects? Im currently gearing up to release an ep called “Alive With Pleasure” executive produced by A1Devin out of Atlanta. Expect that around late winter.

Summer time 2018 Shaolin will be releasing the debut tape. TOO HYPE FOR THAT! GUEST APPEARANCES SO WE LIT!

Goals for 2017? my goals for the rest of the year is to get better and everything that I do. Including my craft as an artist, as a writer, and a creater. Simply to take everything to the next level. That is my goal. I appreciate yall for rocking with me and I promise you will be more than entertained in the future. Yall stay blessed.- GodBody

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