Exclusive Interview 


Give us your bio? My name is Bogdan Andreavich Seletski. I was born in Johannesburg South Africa 31 October 1994. My fam from Russia. Been in S.A most of my life! I’m an entrepreneur, business man and the illest underground Hip-Hop artist in South Africa! My name is Macnomonic!


What helped you get into music? I started Rapping in the 7th grade with the homies and shiii. Been in love with Hip-Hop basically my whole life! I started out freestyling and battling with the homies and other artists. Music has been a passion for me ever since!


Who are your top 5 influences? Growing up as a kid I liked listening to 2Pac Biggie Smalls Eminem Wutang Clan etc. Alot of Underground Rap to. Can’t really say I have top 5 influences. There’s many artists out there that have influenced me to be dope af! But I’d say I mostly listen to Underground Rap like Vinnie Paz Immortal Technique Necro and many more.


When are your new projects coming out? My new project Beast Mode is on the way!16 track Mixtape! Will be dropping it on Sound Cloud and Youtube in November this year!


What is the one thing you would tell your fans? The one thing I would tell my fans is that I have major love for them and never give up! Keep pursuing your dreams and never stop the hustle! 


What are your biggest goals for 2017? My goals for 2017 is to keep growing my business! Keep on hustling and grow as an artist daily!

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