Exclusive Interview 

BIO My name is C.TheProducer. I was born in Alexandria Va but raised in New Cumberland, Pa. I have always been involved with music. Whether it was during school or in my free time as a young kid trying to learn every instrument. As I grew older I constantly found myself around music and it was something I knew I was good at. I started producing music around the age of 19/20 but didn’t get heavily into producing until college at about 22 years old.


Top 5 influences? in music would be Kendrick Lamar, Harry Fraud, Pharrell, J.Cole, and Dr. Dre in no specific order.


New Projects? I recently dropped a beat tape on my birthday, August 4, titles [Beat Tape # 2] It’s a collection of beats to show the direction I’m headed with my music as well as trying to key in a a certain sound! I also have a dope single out called, “Flexercise” which I produced and it features myself and my crew aka VibeLab! S/O Kysmif and Lamron! S/O VibeLab, TDC, and SSP


What helped you get into music? was coming to terms with reality that I would never make it in sports or be some crazy doctor or lawyer or what have you not. That wasn’t the life I wanted to live. I always strive to make my own wave/movement. In college I just so happened to tear my ACL playing intramural basketball. This injury kept me from having the full college experience. Instead of getting down, I took advantage of the down time and focused heavily on producing and teaching myself how to make “sample” beats, it then turned into custom beats and fast forward now to my passion and hopefully soon to be career! I love making music because it is a universal language. It brings people of all backgrounds, culture, race, together and you all share one thing in common, the love of music.


One thing I would tell your fans? is to never give up. Never take things for granted and whatever it is you love, go out and do it! Be yourself and love yourself for who you are and what you do! Always work towards your goals and grind til you pass out! You only get one life to live!


Biggest Goals for 2017? My biggest goals for 2017/2018 are to continue building my beat catalog online. Work on getting some major placements with big name artists in the industry, and to eventually release an EP/mixtape fully produced, and engineered by me!

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