Bio: My name is Khaneal. I’m 22 years old grew up in Fresno, California moved to Southern California for college and just graduated from the University of La Verne with a degree in Psychology. I’m a singer/rapper/songwriter and a member of the group The Quad along with artists D1, C-Red, and Tone Provo. I pride myself on my versatility, lyricism, and ability to be extremely dynamic. I’ve also had a single I Saw You that was featured on radio stations in Miami, San Diego, and Detroit

Top 5 influences: I’m a huge Hip-Hop/R&B fan. I always have been. I’m an unique artist and have my own style but there are many artists that influence me and give me insight and inspiration through their music 1. Lil Wayne- The GOAT. Main reason I love rap so much. 2. Drake- Mastered the art of mixing up his rapping and singing. His versatility is incredible 3. Kendrick Lamar- Bar for Bar best rapper alive in my opinion. Incredible insight 4. Childish Gambino- another great rapper/singer. Tells stories with every song and puts great passion and emotion in his music. 5. Anderson Paak.- An artist I only found about last year, I love Paak.’s unique style and sound it really is a dope sound that fits California so well.

Next projects: I’ll be dropping a full length mixtape, TiL 2, next month on August 31st that will be available everywhere including ITunes/Apple Music, Spotify, Tidal, SoundCloud. The 16 song tape shows off my skills and is my statement to the world that I do this. That’s music is not a hobby, not something I do on the side…it’s my passion. I do this shit and I’m pretty damn great at it too.

What helped me get into music? I’ve been doing music seriously for about 3 years now. I’ve always enjoyed singing as far back as I can remember and by the time I was 13 I was really into writing into poetry. I never put them together until I went to college and started bragging to my basketball team that I could sing. My teammates, including Tone Provo, made me sing karaoke at Freshman orientation. I killed it and Tone asked me if I wanted to make a song with him and as soon as I stepped on the mic I was hooked.

Anything to tell your fans? One thing I would tell my fans- Have fun! Start everyday with a positive vibe you feel me? So much of life is about your mindset. When it comes to me? Be patient with me. I’ve been working real hard to make TiL 2 perfect…and it’s well worth the wait.

Biggest goals for 2017: Drop this fire mixtape! Do more shows, and shoot some music videos to help expand the brand. Most importantly continue to grow and develop as an artist.

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