Maya Jones


 Bio Born in 1999, Maya Jones is a singer/songwriter from Minneapolis MN. Maya spent the rest of her childhood in Pennsylvania before moving to Nashville TN at age 15. Maya began writing songs and playing guitar around age 11 but it wasn’t until age 13 Maya decided she wanted to share her passion for music with the world. At age 14 Maya released her self-composed debut single “Warrior”. Since Maya has released multiple singles and an EP “Pulling Me In”, Maya has also had the opportunity to work with some incredible people such as David Huff, Ilya Toshinskiy, Miles McPherson, Lee Hendricks, Justin Ostrander, and David Dorn. Maya has played at VidCon 2016 ( Stage), GoodTimes Tour, CMA Fest 2016 (Martin Stage & Fan Appreciation Show), Opry Mills Mall, ALDC Summer Concert Series (Dance Moms), and Holiday Mingle & Jingle with Disney Channel’s Spencer Boldman.

Who are your top 5 influences – I listen to so many different artist of all genres but my tops at the moment would have to be …. Taylor Swift Paramore Wet He is We Lany 

When are your new projects coming out?I just released a new single on 8/11 called “not around” which I wrote & produced! But I’m about to get back into the studio and work on some new songs and hopefully an EP coming soon!


What helped you get into music?– Honestly there are a bunch of different things that got me into music. I’ve been a dancer my entire life so music & performing has always been apart of me but around age 11 I started writing songs and at age 12 I told my mom I wanted to learn how to play the guitar. So she signed me up for lessons. I did that for awhile but it wasn’t until age 15 my dance teacher encouraged me to take voice lessons since they offered them at the dance studio. It just so happened one of my friend’s from schools dad owned a recording studio so she talked to him and I got to record my debut single “Warrior” not long after. So honestly I feel like music is what I’m meant to be doing because everything kind of just fell into place.

What is one thing you would tell your fans?One thing I want to tell my fans is to always stay true to who you are & no matter what your passion is in life go for it. You only have one life so live it to the absolute fullest. The one regret you never want to have is not taking the chance because you don’t want to spend the rest of your life wondering what if. It’s not going to be easy and the best things in life take time.

My biggest goals for 2017 are to get an EP out and possible go on tour. I would really love to open up for someone and just get my music out to the world. I really just want to get my message out there.

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