Griffin Brock

Exclusive Interview 

BIO I’m a 20 year old upcoming artist from Cincinnati. 27 CG is what I rep. We got a lotta upcoming music that is different from everyone else out here nowadays. 27 is the movement. I have a few singles out right now, my personal favorite being “Envy” off the tape “27 HVNSNT”, but my best is yet to come.

Top 5 Influences? My top 5 influences would have to be Lil Herb, Future, Yo Gotti, Lil Wayne and Nas. YoungBoy is probably one of my favorite artists poppin right now though

New Projects? The project i’m most excited to release is my “Gospel” according to me, GBiblical. It’s not a tape or a EP it’s my Gospel. I’ve been working hard on it, so hopefully it gets the love it deserves

What got you into music? Music has always been apart of me. Without it I don’t know where I’d be today. All the music I listen to is music that speaks to my soul. However I have to give credit to my brothers who gave me the platform to really get this shit going. They know who they are

Anything to tell your fans? I just want all my fans to know that I appreciate them all for rockin with me. Like I said this music shit comes from the soul, so it really means a lot when other people vibe with my music. As long as y’all stay down with me and my music I promise it’s only gonna get better.

Biggest goals of 2017 My biggest goal of 2017 is to keep doin me. It’s easy to get side tracked nowadays so I’m really tryin to stay on track and get my career going. Im hoping that my Gospel will generate some buzz throughout the community. I just want to be heard. I’m tryin to put ALL my people on, If I go we all go. 27 shit.

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