Exclusive Interview 

Bio: I am a 16 year old hiphop head living in Weymouth, Massachusetts. My mom flew down from Dominican Republic and met my dad, a Puerto Rican kid out of Harbor Point housing in Dorchester. I’m always in and out of Boston, where the rest of my cousins live day by day; they influenced my love of art and culture. I have been writing poetry and making table beats for as long as I can remember, but I didn’t see it as music, just a form of expression. My dad got the iMac when I was 12, back when I was putting together loops on GarageBand just for fun. I listened to more and more hiphop and met some kids in high school with the same love for the music; It pushed me to go harder. I continue to expand, studying unique styles of production and lyricism, so I can hone my craft and perfect my own sound.


Top 5 Influences: Tyler the Creator, Madlib, Knxwledge, MF DOOM, Kendrick Lamar


New Projects: I just released 3 new tracks for the deluxe version of Radiance E.P. but otherwise I have a lot of projects in the early stages, more instrumental albums and some vocal projects as well. I have song collaborations with several artists that will be releasing soon, some talent from across the country and some right in my city. I will continue to build this year and most of the next with the music to find just the right sound for my upcoming albums.

Who helped me get into music: I grew up the youngest of 2 sisters, Mom’s little man when my dad was working 20 hour shifts. Can’t mistake the love he had for his family, but when my dad was home it was him and the music. Hours at the guitar almost everyday; for him it was more than a hobby. I was always surrounded by the music growing up. It’s one of the biggest parts of my Spanish culture, and my family also helped me branch out. I listened to rock as a kid, then my cousins put me on to hiphop. I fell in love with the music and listened to any new artists I could find, from Andre 3000 and Gangstarr to Joey Badass and Mick Jenkins. My Dad’s love for playing music influenced my ambition so I learned the most I could from him, which wasn’t enough so I swept Youtube for piano and guitar lessons. I always new I would be apart of the hiphop culture, but I never called myself a producer until my dad saw my ambition and pushed me to keep in practice.


One thing I would tell my fans: Don’t be afraid to be different, to think different, or to have big dreams. Don’t let stagnant energy keep you from pursuing your goals. Never stop learning. Let people come as they will go.


Biggest Goal for 2k17: My Biggest Goal for 2017 is to listen twice as much as I speak. I continue to experiment with new sounds and styles, and I continue to find new forms of art. It’s a big world out there and a lot of people just walk right past it. I won’t miss the opportunities to grow through this art and grow with the people who support me.

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