Exclusive Interview 

BIO:  I was born in Kansas City, raised in different parts of California. I just turned 25 in July. I’ve been doing music for about 10 years but just started taking it seriously after my cousin was killed


Top 5 Influences:  My top 5 I would have to say is, 1-My kousin who was killed Bo Boogy, 2-berner, 3- curren$y, 4- dj quik 5- west coast rap in general

New Projects:  I’m working on dropping a few mixtapes but I’m more focused on working on my first album right now. I engineer all of my own music so I just want to make sure it’s right so everyone can enjoy it as much as I do. I’ve started the concept for the album which is going to be called “Broke boy livin, Rich man dream$” and I should be done with it by February so be on the look out for that one on SoundCloud and hit me up for the disk but my 2 mixtapes I’m going to be trying to drop before Christmas


What got you into music? When I was younger, my boys MBK Cello and SipBaby use to tell me my freestyles were hard so I started pushing myself to switch it up more and more and rap over different beats until I got comfortable enough to actually record it and people couldn’t believe it was me. But the thing that really made me focus on my music is after my cousin Jurl “Bo Boogy” carter was killed 3 years ago. He was the one who always made me freestyle and rap when we where together and he pushed me to my limits. He told me to make a name for myself and never give up on my dreams so I’m really doing it for him to keep his name alive with this YNC movement

Anything to tell your fans? One thing I want to tell my fans is without you all, I wouldn’t be anything so I want to say thank you for the love and support and I appreciate every single one of y’all for supporting me.

Biggest Goals?  I’d say my biggest goals for 2017 is to network as much as possible, drop a few videos before the years over, finish my 2 mixtapes I have planned and make it to 2018 with the same mindset as before. You don’t eat unless you grind none stop.

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