Exclusive Interview 

BIO Lukrative is an 18 year old producer from New Orleans, LA. He will be attending Loyola University at New Orleans this fall and studying music industry and business. He has been producing with FL studio for roughly 6 years and never plans to stop. Lukrative eventually wants to DJ shows and be skilled in multiple genres of music, not just rap/hip-hop.  He describes his music as wavy, up beat and vibey. You can stream his music on Soundcloud, Spotify, Apple Music and Youtube.

Top 5 Influences? Im gonna split this into rap producers and indie producers because I get inspired by a lot and it’s essentially two different genres. Top 5 for indie producers: oshi, j.robb, noize, madbliss, danyal. For rap producers: rich beatz, eestbound&wondagurl, riclaflare, stoopidxool, murda beatz.
New Projects? I have many unreleased songs I’m holding on to but as far as projects go, I’m likely going to continue dropping singles until I have a plan for a official album rather than just a playlist on soundcloud.

Once I get to college just expect some crazy new music, the project will come soon enough though.

What got you into music? I come from a very musical family I have always loved it very much. I was in 7th grade when I started producing with Logic, but switched to FL studio shortly after trying it out. My brother was definitely the biggest influence though. He was the one who actually gave me the FL studio disk and often showed me things like sampling, bounce music, dubstep etc at a young age.
Anything to tell your fans? Hmm the fans? I appreciate everyone that enjoys my music. To all my supporters out there, you guys are the best. I will never stop providing y’all with tunes. A message to any music makers: Be original. Music isn’t for everyone but have fun and be creative with it. And most importantly its about doing what you love, not being popular.
Goals for 2017? For 2017 I plan to have my first DJ show and upgrade from being solely a producer. I want to keep expanding my list of collaborations and try new things. I also plan to learn the logic software. I don’t plan on switching but logic has its percs and will be beneficial to learn.

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