Young Aardvark

Young Aardvark♨️

Exclusive Interview 

Bio: I was born and raised in Davie/Plantation Florida, a suburb of Miami and an area where a lot of the south Florida rappers are from like X, I’m 17 years old


Top 5 Influences?: 1. Is prolly Vic Mensa, I adore all of his music so much and I ain’t out here trynna recreate his music but wish that I could 2. Is prolly X, because we’re from the same area, he really changed the game down here and he’s certainly influenced my music 3. Is prolly Lil Dicky, a lot of people say my music reminds them of dicky which is flattering, I guess it’s cause we’re both white and funny 4. Kanye, Kanye is my favorite artist of all time and his older stuff really makes me wanna come up with new flows new bars in a way that’s never been done before 5. Childish Gambino, everything Donald Glover does is fucking insane and his rap music, specifically on Because the internet really makes me aspire to be like him.

New Projects?: I’ve got a concept album in the works, can’t tell you much ab it but it’s pretty sick, it might blow your mind, and I can’t put a date on it, idk if it’s gonna be out this year, but it’s sick, you’ll prolly see a tape tho, of hype shit and that’ll be out in like November


What got you into music? In like 8th grade I stopped listening to music casually and music became an integral part of my life, ever since then I’ve always kinda known I wanted to do music


Anything to tell your fans?: fuck anyone that tell you that you can’t do shit, that’s something I live my life by.

Goals for 2017? By the end of 2017 I wanna have developed a cult following on SoundCloud, that’s the move. I wanna be doing shows and shit.

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