Exclusive Interview 

BIO I am jake Gmitter aka G-Mitt. I am 16 year old hip hop artist from New Jersey and currently still attending high school. I enjoy music, friends, and family. Growing up my parents went through a divorce when I was 12 and it took a pretty harsh toll on me at first but in the end I learned to accept it. Me and my father don’t really speak to each other however it is for the best. I am also very mature for my age. Growing up I never felt like a kid, didn’t really feel I had a child hood. Never was one to worry or have a curfew though my mother didn’t give me the father roll. She has been a huge help to me in life though she finds my lyrics very explicit. I love her.

What got you into music? As far as music goes I didn’t get my big break into recording until I was 15 when my friend Vince and I dropped “natural” on SoundCloud. Few months later I met up with my producer maxout(who is also 16 and on the come up) and we just clicked from there. 8 months working together with 3 singles (what you like, Diablo, and Enemies) and 2 mix tapes (9 days of Lyndon and Perfection). It’s ironic we hated each other freshman year but somehow now ended up best friends. Love that kid to death.

Top 5 Influences? Top 5 influences would have to be 1.Eminem, 2.A$AP Rocky, 3.Mike Dean, 4.Dave East and 5.Belly

New Project? Our new projects will be out shortly. We have an Ep “Sonet 116” (a love Ep on. The ups and downs on past relationships as well as reaching out to others going through tough times. and my producer is dropping his debut mixtape “Drip Boys” in which I will be featured on in a handful of tracks. As far as a release date I am not sure but expect before summer ends. Myself primarily however my peers pushed me. In particular my one friend chris who I’ve known for 5 years now. He always helped me out when I was going through rough times. Patience is a virtue. Without it you will get no where in life without the outcome being rushed and unprofessional. Don’t sleep on us. Much more to come.

Biggest Goals? My biggest goal for 2017 is to perform live shows and grow as an artist. As far as blowing up this year fan base or name wise I’m not too worried about. If it’s meant to happen it will. However I do want to meet artist, especially ones who have been an influence to me.

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