Travis T


Exclusive Interview 

BIO  I grew up in Calder, Edmonton, AB one of the more ghetto areas of the city. i’ve been into music since a little kid, its all i ever had, i never had a family to go home to, i had no one to buy me anything so i went out and put in the work for it. i’ve been on my own since i was 10 years old. music isn’t just a way to make money for me its a passion ill do it if i get paid or not. 

Top 5 Influences?: I don’t really have a top 5. i’m all about the old school hip hop like N.W.A , Wu Tang Clan, 2 pac biggie, etc. but if i had to pick i would say Eminem, 2 pac, 50 cent, N.W.A, and Biggie smalls


New Projects? As of new projects i have a ton of work on the go, i personally wont be releasing any of my own music until 2018 unless i’m a feature on another song. come 2018 i am going to be releasing a mix tape a month consisting a total of 10 songs. i will be doing this until 2020, releasing 240 songs when i’m done.


What helped you get into music? The main thing that helped me get into my music is, when you have never had anything, grew up in poor, ghetto, areas, all you have are your thoughts and your words, and your grind. music is my life.

Anything to tell your fans? One thing i would like to tell my fans is, i really appreciate you, and that the whole purpose of me recording and releasing my music to the public is for you guys, because i know a lot of you can relate to what i have to say and can actually appreciate the music for its meaning and lyrics.


Biggest Goals? My biggest goal for 2017 is to build up as much attention for my upcoming project starting jan 1st, 2018 and keep busy with the music!

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