Exclusive Interview 

BIO: The name is Pagne. Small town kid from San Diego, raised in the Central Florida area. Pagne has always loved music, but never really discover his true talent until later in life. “It all began one summer with the ”. After realizing what he was capable of he decided to create a soundcloud and hasn’t looked back since. Already up to 40k listens. Pagne has had many musical influences while writing his music. Since he was a kid he has always looked up to J. Cole. He praises Cole for his untouchable flow and creativity. Saying “Cole is the reason I fell in love with rap”. Believe it or not his first song was “L.F.W.” which he made for his mother back in 2015. When asked how far he believes he can go he said “My sole objective is to put my music out there for people to relate and vibe to. How many people from where I’m from get to do that?”

Top 5 Influences? My top 5 influences on my rap career I would say my mother being number. She’s an incredible women, beautiful soul, I love her. next I would have to say faith. Not necessarily religion. It helped me grow as an artist and a person because I don’t feel like life should be about waking up, clocking in, clocking out, sleeping, doing it all over again the next day. No I feel like you should find something that you enjoy doing everyday. Its about growth. Next has got to be my friends and family. Shout out all of y’all. You guys show me mad support. Keeping it real when you feel I could of done better one something. I love it. There’s no way this is possible without them. Period. Next influence I would have to give it up to is J.cole the man himself. Wow. The man’s a monster. The first time I heard J.cole was back in like 09′. My brother had just picked me up from basketball practice and he was like “yo listen to this nigga he’s way better than drake.” At the time,” I wasn’t trying to hear anything you know it was drake over everyone for me”. He played me “lost ones” by J.cole. I was still salty I was like “oh ok anybody can write one song.” Then he played “lights please”. It was over from then. Huge role model. I look up to guy. Next I would have to say the fan base. I’m still working on getting my music out there more but in all honesty, I would of never even had the energy to dedicate my days to the art each and every day. The fan base is growing every day. Trust the process and

New Projects? Working on My new Project- Ep “Still” planned to drop early fall. It’s going to be an interesting Ep. Much different vibe then my last Ep “My Honest Sonnets” so i’m curious to see how the fans respond. I like it. I like it.

What helped you get into music? uh, I would say one summer specifically. We were going through some tough times and I was super bored. Super bored. Like all I could do was swim in my pool. Bored. So I actually downloaded a beat from Shoutout Soundcloud and grabbed my pair of iphone headphones and set up Windows Movie Maker. No joke I still remember this. Recorded my first song. Never released it because of the terrible quality but that’s where it all began.


Anything to tell your fans? One thing I would like to tell my fans is that I really appreciate you all and to keep following me. We’re going to get to where we’re supposed to be.”there’s no bridge to success you got to take the stairs”. Also to listen to my words.It’s all for y’all. You can get hear my music on

, , or . Ideally Soundcloud because that is where all tracks are posted. You can read and listen along to all my songs on

Biggest goals? My biggest goals for this year is to pretty much work on my craft, find myself as an artist, gear up and get ready for take off. This year for me since it being my first year rapping it been a huge learning process. I never had nobody to show me how to record, which levels to record on, the difference between mono and stereo. I didn’t even understand the difference between a track being mastered or not. Like I said it’s a learning process but i’m taking my time. I’m enjoying it. Stay tuned for that new fall Ep “Still” trust me you do not want to miss out on it. It’s another one. I want to shout out “My 2 Cents” They are the local eyes and ears. Doing there thing to keep us up to date on the local music and culture. . Shout out my little sister she doing her thing at USF. Shout out my little nephew. He almost four damn. Shout out the fans again.

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