X Caliber

Exclusive Interview 

BIO Xcaliber is a native of the birthplace of jazz – New Orleans.  Xcaliber’s poetry is synonymous with hip hop when heard from the drumbeat, however his flow has the syncopation of a jazz soloist.  The artist grew up in an impoverished neighborhood of the city which the locals call Pigeon Town.   Xcaliber claims New Orleans is a very spiritual place that has influenced his music.  I have always attempted to bring God to the Ghetto.  Not in the physical, Lord knows there are enough churches in the hood, but by the spirit through the music.

Top 5 Influences: Rakim, Tupac, Nas, Scarface, Lauryn Hill Projects: I just began my second coming after a decade long hiatus.  My 1st album Dead Poets Society was released in 2007. 

New Projects? My second album Citizens Band Radio hopefully will be ready by November ‘17.  I also have a poetic memoir (similar to Mya Angelou’s I Know Why The Caged Bird Sings) to accompany the album under the same name. Start:

What got you into music? I was introduced to rapping at age 5 as my older cousins formed a group and would ghostwrite for me.  I started writing poems about age seven as greeting cards for my mother.  I continued to write raps as a hobby as well.  I began to take my art seriously after high school, but the older I became the line between poems and raps became thinner.  I identify moreso with a poet as I strive to have a historical legacy not a position on the billboard chart.  I am influenced by Paul Laurence Dunbar just as much if not more as I am by Nas.  I strive to be like James Weldon Johnson just as I admire Rakim.  Paradise Lost by John Milton was written in the 17th century I believe, and I among others still read it.  I don’t see anyone preserving the current state of hip hop is such a manner.

Anything to tell yours fans?: God exists…

Goals for this year?: My goals for this year is to continue to build the non profit organization started by my wife and I.  We aim to help clean up the communities in Detroit as well as providing employment opportunities to reentry citizens as well as help with youth literacy. 

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