Victor Shade

Victor Shade

Exclusive Interview 

Bio: Victor Shade is an alter-ego that comes to life dependent on external factors and influences. It came about as a rap name as a result of finding the “Marvel Comic” character equivalent. This was at a time that Johnny Blaze, Tony Starks and such birthed the usage of these character names. Im a licensed Funeral Director by trade, as a direct result to pay down my karmic debt. As this debt pays down, my guardian spirits allow certain creative outlets and I chose “rap” to best express my ideas. It is the only musical category that allows extensive complicated wordplay to relay a message. I produce, write, engineer and create my own material with no outsourcing. In its essence, I understand its harder to duplicate when full creative control resides in oneself. I am here to relay messages and for that message to be stamped into time, engrained into our evolutionary process.

Top 5 influences: Fidel Castro, Michael Jordan, Harvey Spencer Lewis, Stephen King and El-P. When are your new projects coming out: My release of Mixtape of the Apocalypse should be released for download Friday, October 13 2017.

What helped you get into music? Music is a basic human art form which organizes sound. We are all musically inclined some form of another. I was fortunate to grow up in NY in the early 80s, bearing witness to the culmination of the creation of Hip-Hop. This movement was endemic to that area in that specific period in time. I embraced It as long as it embraced Me back. As time progressed, I absorbed various subgenres and use that experience to create now.

What is one thing I would tell to my fans? Keep listening. Spread the Word, allow it to be utilized im times of need for reflection, times of joy, sorrow, anything. Keep my music alive!

What are your biggest goals for 2017? The biggest goal at this time will be to finish all work on the Mixtape and have it released on schedule. Having visuals for reference will help a lot, but one must never rush the creative process.

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