$krrt Cobain

$krrt Cobain

Exclusive Interview 

BIO  Best way to describe myself would be that I’m Nevada born, Texas raised, and Wisconsin living. A 21 year old upcoming artist trying to make a name for myself in music.

Top 5 influences: my top 5 influences would have to be Flatbush Zombies, Underachievers, Triple 6 Mafia, Freddie Gibbs, and Joey Bada$$ forsure.

New Projects?  I just released my first mixtape, Trap Messiah, July 11th and put it up for free download on datpiff and mymixtapez. As of now I’m working on a second mixtape and a collab EP with the producer Suburban Bando. It’s gonna be dope. They’re both TBA, but the EP will be released before the mixtape.

What helped you get into music? I’ve always wanted to make music since I was in like middle school. I would always freestyle for my friends at lunch. I was talking about actually recording with some good friends of mine earlier this year and trying to make that dream a reality so my homie went out and bought some recording equipment and software so we can make music. It started off as a joke, just for fun but the more I started writing raps and recording them, the more serious I took it and now there’s people that actually like what I put out and that’s awesome.

Anything to tell your fans? don’t be afraid to be different. You don’t have to be like other people to be accepted. Stand out. Start your own wave.

Biggest goals for 2017: my biggest goal for 2017 is to keep making music and try to play some live shows in my local area.

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