Exclusive Interview      BIO I’m yunggawdspace, rapper from Nassau county New York aka Area51. Delivering grimey, raw New York rap with a modern wavy sound. One of the first artists to release for upstart label Below Average Records.   Top 5 influences: Mobb deep, wu-tang clan, asap mob, lil … More yunggawdspace


  Exclusive Interview    Top 5 influences?: Logic, Eminem, Chance the Rapper, Kyle, J. Cole   New Projects? I’m currently working on a new mixtape that should come out probably early next year and should be 20-24 songs   What helped you get into music?: I always liked music but in 4th grade eminem’s song not … More Trench


Exclusive Interview  Top Influences? Ok top 5 influences are: Jay Z, Kanye West, Drake, Lil Wayne, Fabolous. New Projects? I have a new project called “Midnight Monster” coming out late September or the beginning of October. What got you into music? I always have had a passion for it and sister makes gospel music but … More D-Domma


Exclusive Interview  Bio: My name is Micah Ette. I’m 16 years old from Portland Oregon and I currently live in Delaware attending High School. I lived in Portland for 3 years, but Idaho is where i mostly grew up. I’ve always had a passion for music since I was little. Freestyling in the cafeteria with … More YaBoiVintage


    Exclusive Interview    Top Influences?  Drake , Lil Lonnie, Hoodrich Pablo Juan, PeeWee Longway, and FTY Ent,   New Projects?  Upcoming Fall   What got you into music? My big brother and FTY Ceo Hollo.   Anything to tell your fans? No matter what, believe in yourself and you Will succeed.   Goals … More Troman


    Exclusive Interview  BIO My name is C.TheProducer. I was born in Alexandria Va but raised in New Cumberland, Pa. I have always been involved with music. Whether it was during school or in my free time as a young kid trying to learn every instrument. As I grew older I constantly found myself … More C.TheProducer


Exclusive Interview  Bio: Adrian Reed Dallas, Texas 22 Who are your top 5 influences? My influences change like every week almost, so the top 5 that are keeping me inspired right now are dreamchild, medasin, blake skowron, Delay, and quickly quickly. They are such different artists and the best in their fields they inspire me … More capshun


Bio: My name is Khaneal. I’m 22 years old grew up in Fresno, California moved to Southern California for college and just graduated from the University of La Verne with a degree in Psychology. I’m a singer/rapper/songwriter and a member of the group The Quad along with artists D1, C-Red, and Tone Provo. I pride … More Khaneal

Disco Black

Exclusive Interview  Top 5 Influences? Top Five musical influences would Have to Be? 1.The Isley Brothers 2.Tracey Chapman 3.DMX 4.The Dream 5.Jay-Z 2. When are my new projects dropping? My Team and I are putting together an Album as right, Not an absolute date yet but the music’s there I can Generally crest an Album … More Disco Black

Mr Metrónomo

 Exclusive Interview  Bio: Mr Metrónomo is an intergalactic supervillian who crash landed from space somewhere in the desert back in 2010. He has been partying in Los Angeles ever since. He has performed as a DJ, rock singer, and more recently solo rapper in venues all over the city. He released his first solo EP … More Mr Metrónomo