Exclusive Interview  Bio: Let’s just say I’ve been through a lot. The pain , the wanting for something more, pushed me to music. It’s an expression of my own art. My true biography will show in my music . Top 5 Influences? : Life Parents “Friends” Myself The struggle New projects: ICE ICE  Always. I’m … More Kj


Bio: Zach “Zavage” Najera, raised in a military family, constantly moved across the country until he resided in Vienna, Virginia at age 6. He was fortunate enough to be brought up in a middle-class family who used their money to send Zach to a private school since 4th grade. Being surrounded by the upper-class children … More Zavage


Exclusive Interview  Top Influences? never really thought of who influenced me but if I had to pick It’d be Tupac, Kendrick Lamar, Boosie, lil herb and myself New Projects? don’t have a set date for anything but I plan to start making more music soon. I mostly just post videos on twitter or my instagram. … More Vonna2Kold


  Exclusive Interview    Bio: Eye, Essence – being born in LA, then later raised in Eyedaho, gave me the experiences which shaped me into who eye am today. Seeing how two very different ways of life merged together, I learned about the connectedness of diverse cultures found universally within the love for music. I … More Essence

Ali Masego

Exclusive Interview  Bio: Ali Masego is definitely not your ordinary artist out of the DMV. At only 19 years of age, Ali creates a unique, hungry sound thats melodies and clever wordplay draws you in every single time. He is currently coming off his hit project “V.E.N.T. Volume III” and is making a name for … More Ali Masego


Exclusive Interview  BIO Well I’m 19 years old living in Atlanta right now , originally from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. I moved here a few years ago to finish high school and get away from the things I was doing in Philly. I surely wasn’t rapping at all then actually, just getting in trouble all the time. … More dirtydanwiddaxan

Jay Lockett

  Exclusive Interview    BIO: Hey! My name is Jay Lockett and I’m à upcoming entrepreneur/artist out of Kansas City! I’m well know for my Handmade Stainless Steel roses and my company JayFabWerks. I was raised here in Kansas City and have lived here about half my life and i wouldn’t trade it for anything! … More Jay Lockett


Exclusive Interview  BIO i’m 18 , im from charlotte, NC  Top 5 Influences? Top 5 influences would have to be 3 6 Mafia , Pimp C , I like Wiz Khalifa’s older music, Fabulous & Dom Kennedy New Projects? i’m working on my next project right now which is going to be my 5th mixtape on … More Kae

P Δ R i D Ø X

Exclusive Interview  BIO My name is P Δ R i D Ø X and I’m an all around creative artist from Aurora Colorado. I’m very passionate about art in many forms and can create art in many forms. – Top Influences? Right now, there are only a few people I draw inspiration from. These include … More P Δ R i D Ø X


  Exclusive Interview    https://banskihiphop.com/   Bio: Banski is a hiphop artist/songwriter from Santa Rosa, Northern California. He’s been crafting songs since junior year of High School and released two albums while a part of a group during this time and later released a solo mixtape called, ‘Nomadic Psychology.’ Being located only an hour away … More Banski