Exclusive Interview 

Give us your bio “My family always called me KK, not Keoni. That’s what I want my fans to be—Family.” KK locked in a spot performing Honolulu for the Coast2CoastLive showcase in Waikiki. He just featured on Todd Rundgren’s WHITE KNIGHT album with Dãm Funk released by Cleopatra Records. He releases his debut EDM album June 15th: MOMENTS ALONE ON MY iPHONE. “I’ve been producing music outta my backpack on the beach for the last two years. Time to upload into this world-matrix style.” Eyes on the horizon, Fam. –KK Related Link:

Who are your top 5 influences? ; ; JuliaCameron; Shakespeare; . When are your new projects coming out? No Sucka Emcees 5 Competition July 31st, 2017— Hosted by & Single being Released August 1st, 2017— Real Life (Hip Hop) Album being released August 18th, 2017— A Vignette (Hip Hop)

What helped you get into music? Listening to my adopted father (Todd Rundgren) produce records on school nights. Rapping Shakespearean Sonnets in HighSchool and learning to write my own iambic pentameter rhymes. 23-hour lockdown at age 17 freestyling with other juvenile felons through the jail cell vents. Obsessing over the genius of movie score music and the power of it to translate story

What is one thing you would tell your fans? See me for who I am now after learning from my past mistakes.

What are your biggest goals for 2017? Debut Hip Hop album release August 18th, (A Vignette) 2 days before my first-ever Hip Hop show August 20th (Coast2CoastLive—Hawaii Edition). KKwatson Credits: Rap Verse Feature— I Got Your Back by Todd Rundgren ft. Dām Funk Singles— LetGo; the Power of Dance; Heart of the World; Plenty More to Come Album— Moments Alone On My iPhone

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