Mikey D


Exclusive Interview 

BIO The history of Mikey D starts in Laurelton, Queens where he met and joined forces with DJ Johnny Quest who would accompany him as they rocked block parties, park jams, house parties, shows and clubs. Mikey D and Johnny Quest eventually became members of the Clientel Brothers. It was a group that was similar to the Cold Crush Brothers in a Queens way. Mikey D and Johnny Quest would be introduced to legendary producer Paul C by Ojay and Seville of the Clientel Brothers. Mikey D created a string of classic tracks like: “Bust A Rhyme”, “Go For It’, and “I Get Rough” with Paul C. Mikey D was eventually signed to Sleeping Bag Records and through that connection he was entered into the 1988 New Music Seminar. Mikey D eventually won the seminar by defeating veteran rapper Melle Mel and received the belt. Mikey D would eventually be chosen to become the lead MC in the group Main Source. Main Source would eventually release the album: “F–k What You Think”. Mikey D would later go on to create Elements of Hip Hop and release the album: “Calm Before The Storm”. This album featured the single: “Hip Hop Ain’t The Same”. Mikey D was also known as a notorious battle rapper even before entering the New Music Seminar in 1988. Mikey D and his then DJ, Johnny Quest would seek out MC’s to battle throughout the 5 boroughs of NYC and beyond. They would get on the bus or train to different areas to find out who the best MC’s were and Mikey D would battle them. They would see MC’s rhyming in a cypher and just straight up ask who the best MC was and set up the competition. Battle after Battle Mikey D would win, and get even better. He evolved from Mikey D into the Battle Rapper Mikey D’Struction who was willing to travel anywhere to battle and win. In order for any MC to be successful in the Battle Arena in the 1980’s they would have to be: a visionary, a witty wordsmith, fearless and extremely competitive. I say that because there was no “real” Battle Arena in the 80’s at all. It was being created at that time. Here is an example of why I use the word extremely competitive as it relates to Mikey D. Here is a Mikey D rhyme quote from the 1986 song produced by Paul C called: “Bust A Rhyme”: “Battle anybody, anywhere, anyplace. If you think I’m bugging out, say it in my face. But you can’t, you know it’s true, I got juice. That’s why all rappers want to call a truce.” Lastly at the end of the song he says: “From now on call me Mikey D’struction”. Those words speak for themselves and the fierce competitive nature of the battles Mikey D had during that time. In the 80’s he was a MC ahead of his time. He started as Mikey D, to becoming Mikey D’struction and has evolved to create the album: Day Of Destruction. These are just different aspects of one rhyme personality. The battle skills and aggression of Mikey D are on full display with this album. The history continues! _______________________________________________ 

Top 5 Influences: 1) Kool Moe Dee 2) Grandmaster Caz 3) Eddie Ojay 4) Will Seville 5) LL Cool J

New Projects? I have a new album out called Day Of D’Struction (available everywhere) and I am currently penning a new album. No title at the moment.


What got you into music? The thing that got me into music was the first battle I heard, which was Kool Moe D vs Busy B. After I heard that, it was off to the races.

Anything to tell your fans? To my fans I would say, always be true to yourself. Don’t tell people your plans. Set goals and go for it. Reach for the sky.

Goals for 2017? My goals are to be the best me I can be. There’s always room for improvement

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