Exclusive Interview 

Top 5 Influences? Pro Era, G-Eazy, Macklemore, Kendrick Lamar, Chance the Rapper. These artists have impacted me to bring me to making music to me even bringing the inspiration saying I can do this! & there are many more but it’s pretty hard for a top 5.

New Projects? I have 0 Projects at the moment but I have this series of projects called life Choices, I have no Release date but the first one is my freshman year, then Life Choices two is my next year and so on and so for. I’m going to take as much time I need to get the sound I want for each track because I’ve been writing punch lines to verses to ideas since I was thirteen for each track on this series of projects! I am now 16 btw.

What got you into music? Well my Mother and Father are creatives, they do filming. I used to do YouTube but then I grew out of it to do music, there was this one song Missed Calls by Mac Miller & he inspired me at the time, & when I graduated my freshman year there was this SoundCloud rapper I found, and I was like damn he’s pretty good and he’s only 17 I was 13 at the time, so I tried rapping everyday to his songs while going out to eat food, & I just convinced myself this is all possible the only thing that is in Your way… is fucking you!!!!! Your the road block you can do anything you set your mind too! And as my favorite artists create new music they inspire me everyday to keep believing and creating because only you can do it stop asking your friends for approval you will reach a fanbase who appreciates you!

Anything to tell your fans? If I had one thing to tell my fans Is that, id want them to succeed at life, at there dreams if I was related to them or there friend I would say find your passion, lose your friends doubt, & laziness. Then you’ll be on the path to success be the creative or whatever you want to achieve yours, your the only one stopping you! Dream big but keep creating or what ever you do, I could barley say words as fast as I could and my delivery used to be terrible, I’m achieving goals I thought I would never reach! Disguise The Limit!!!!

Biggest goals of 2017? My Biggest goals for 2017 are to bring this project to the fans, the supporters I’m not saying it’s anytime soon but sumn you would want to listen to! And to keep spreading my wave/movement! And if you don’t like my movement then that’s fine leave! I’ll be chilling with real people! And just gaining more fans are my goals and just improving in general

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