Exclusive Interview 



Bio 2240 S State street is where my entire immediate family was raised even as a child I remember the Hoovers who lived across the hall from us in the Ickes. I lived there until I was about 5 and my mom and I moved to the Roseland right off 109th and Perry. Right before I was about to start high school we moved to calumet city so we could have a fresh start.


Top 5 Influences? My 5 top musical influences are Nas, Three 6 Mafia, Kanye West, Gucci and Tupac.


New Projects? Coming out 7.10.17 is when will be released via Spinrilla X MyMixtapes X DatPiff hosted by Illinois Jones. $/o to Jones for showin love and hosting the tape. is a compilation tape that I’ve put together featuring Mercy Great, Nicky Scarfo, EastSyde Marley, David Ellis, DMR and No Peace to name a few. is my brand and its mission is to promote unity in Chicago not only that but with all the intercommunity violence going on we need messages that promote positivity and motivate people to get it for themselves. I feel like it’s too many talented artists in this city not being heard, Chance and got their waves but I feel like their music reaches more of the northwest side leaving the south looking like a musical desert. This tape has quality street music meaning that the artists on this tape come from the bottom and every song ain’t about drillin and trappin, though the tape has that on there too. This new wave is a fool!


What helped you get into music? Honestly the church, my mom and my godfather. My mother used to be in the choir and my godfather was the choir director at Quinn Chapel back in the early 90s. I always used to have to come to church in the middle of the week and do my school work during her rehearsal. My mother was very protective of what I was exposed to and she wasn’t into rap music. On the weekends, I would go to my dad’s house and when he was at work I would go through his music stash and take all the CDs he didn’t necessarily care for, Project Pat: Mista Don’t Play, Bone Thugs: Resurrection, Do Or Die Greatest Hits, Notorious BIG Resurrection, The Slim Shady LP etc. etc. My cousin Darius exposed me to Nas’ …. I Am, which made me have an appreciation for great lyrical content and storytelling. My homies got me into music as well, my homie OC Beats is the first person I knew who bust out Fruity Loops. At first, I felt as if it was too complicated but later Ca$hflow and Aeronauta taught me the nuances such as adding effects and volume control. $/o TME.


Anything to tell your fans? SUPPORT YOUR LOCAL ARTIST, SUPPORT YOUR LOCAL ARTIST!!!! You never know, the person you dissin, no matter how garbage you think they are just might blow and they just might remember you talkin crazy to em whenever they get on. A repost or a share doesn’t cost a thing and if its good music spread it around. I personally feel like music is the expression of the self so what do I look like bashing someone else’s style, swag, etc.


Goals for 2017? The second installment of StrengthInNumbers will be dropping mid-September, the team will be working! Also stay on the lookout for merchandise, hats will be available in the future as well as other head gear in the works. I’ll also be releasing a beat tape called date TBD. $/o 2OD, $/0 da whole 400 Scarfo, Filly and No Peace got some heat cookin. Just wait on it!!!

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