Exclusive Interview 


BIO I’m a 25 year old teacher I Detroit Public Schools. I teach world history and use a lot of hip hop culture in my curriculum and classroom life. I started a hip hop club this year for my students to create and share their art in the community, called Lyrical Crusaders () Went to Michigan State University where I learned how to rap and the ins and outs of making music.


Top 5 Influences? My five biggest influences are 1. DMX, who was the first artist I ever listened to, I fell in love with his intensity, 2. Black Thought, who is still one of the most consistently awesome rappers making music, 3. Mick Jenkins, who really inspires me with his poetry, 4. Brother Ali, who inspires me with the power of his words, and 5. Vince Staples, who I embrace as having a really powerful sound and creative way to deliver his message.

New Projects? My new project is called Professional Development and will be out October 2017. This will be my 8th project and 2nd original album. With PD I’m examining my transformation from the college life to a professional realm, how hip hop has been central in that transformation, and the adaption of my mindset as I’ve viewed the world from a public school teacher’s view. Production is done by myself and my good friend Silqy Tony.

What got you into music? I started rapping out of my love for hip hop and wanting to participate in the art. I used to make songs about food and goofing around with friends. It took until my second year at MSU before I started meeting some people who were serious in music and showed me the ropes. My good friend Jason got me making beats about three years ago, and I’ve started mastering my own work to maintain a completely in house operation.

Anything to tell your fans? I want to thank my fans for being patient and crazy supportive. This project, and everything that I put out, is a thank you for everyone that’s been following since I was messing around in undergrad and has stuck through the progress.

Goals for 2017? In 2017, my goal is to begin a performance schedule where I can be performing in shows and getting my brand out there. Hoping to get PD on Spotify, as well as have my LC students performing in the community as well

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