Bio: Zach “Zavage” Najera, raised in a military family, constantly moved across the country until he resided in Vienna, Virginia at age 6. He was fortunate enough to be brought up in a middle-class family who used their money to send Zach to a private school since 4th grade. Being surrounded by the upper-class children of millionaires, Zach couldn’t help but feel different than the others; Zach didn’t see the exterior as a result from one’s income. Subjected to severe bullying since 6th grade, Zach switched schools after his sophomore year of high school. He graduated high school in 2016 while producing multiple singles, two mixtapes, entering America’s Got Talent, and performing at small local venues. Zach saw rap as an outlet to deal with his inner frustrations with the torment that occurred at school. His goal is to inspire kids, teens, and adults who are going through a hard time through his clever wordplay and fast rhythm. He raps about the struggles he faced as a child as well as issues that face us all today, whether it be politics or sports or whatever problem we’re undergoing. The name “Zavage” was adopted from his friend who came up with it due to his mischievous and rebellious behavior.

Top 5 Influences: Kendrick Lamar, Joey Bada$$, MGK, Eminem, Lil Dicky I’m currently releasing a new song and/or video every Monday and Friday, so follow my YouTube () and SoundCloud () accounts.

What got you into music? I always listen to music when I’m upset, and one day I started trying to write my own bars and discovered that it’s a great way to get my emotions out.

Anything to tell your fans? I would tell my fans to have faith in me. I’m just like all of you, facing his/her problems one day at a time. You all are strong already, but together we’d be stronger. Let me guide you.

Biggest goal of 2017: is to see my music go in a positive direction, possibly be discovered by someone big in the music industry. I work hard every day and I will continue to do so.

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