Exclusive Interview 


Bio: Eye, Essence – being born in LA, then later raised in Eyedaho, gave me the experiences which shaped me into who eye am today. Seeing how two very different ways of life merged together, I learned about the connectedness of diverse cultures found universally within the love for music. I am currently living in a city you never heard about; the 208, with dreams of being a Hip-Hop artist who is well capable of raising the collective consciousness. Lately I’ve been uncovering deeper understanding of our spirit which I interpret through musical instrumentation with words from my soul. My creative process is composed of past life experiences that opened up my mind to view the world through hidden extra sensory perceptions. Everyday eye am mastering my craft which shows my ambition to spread a visionary idea of what it means to keep Living Lucid.

Top 5 influences: 1. Jay-Z 2. Ab-Soul 3. Cannibus 4. The Underachievers 5. Immortal Technique When are your new projects coming out? Lucid Living is my new project to look out for. No current release date due to business related delays but you can expect it by the end of this year.

What helped you get into music? Mind expanding experiences and psychedelics made me realize I have to leave behind a legacy that can help out the lost souls in the world. By practicing meditation I found the clarity i needed in order to receive new inspiration from my guided inner spirit to tell my stories in form of poetry and rhythm. Being surrounded by great human beings that were meant to teach me what fate choose for me to know, I will be forever grateful for those who genuinely care about my success story in the making.

What is one thing you would tell your fans? If it wasn’t for you, the people supporting me and my movement there would be less hope for me in this fake world. With the new fad of mumble rappers out now, they dumbed down the industry standards. People nowadays don’t even want to listen to real shit from real artists, which reflects and says a lot about the mainstream mentality. I hope to change that one day and one person at a time. I am a totally different hip-hop artist, I am a master of ceremony composing some of the most profound music that’s waiting to be heard by those that were meant to hear my style. Those who have switched up on me and criticized my music have also kept me winning in the sense of proving my doubters wrong. Either way any vibe coming my way is helping me furthering my dreams of being the greatest at what I do. The most sincere appreciation will forever be held for my wifey, family, and true fans that never doubted my creativity. All of this is for you.

Biggest goals of 2017: Gain a bigger fan base so I am able to release more timeless music to those who have been waiting for me to return. Please support my movement and buy my most popular single “Trippii” here: Keep an Eye open for my new music on soundcloud:

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