Ali Masego


Exclusive Interview 

Bio: Ali Masego is definitely not your ordinary artist out of the DMV. At only 19 years of age, Ali creates a unique, hungry sound thats melodies and clever wordplay draws you in every single time. He is currently coming off his hit project “V.E.N.T. Volume III” and is making a name for himself early in his career.

Top 5 Influences: “My top 5 influences are for sure Nas, Frank Ocean, Common, Biggie, and Rakim.” New Projects: “Well I just released my new project ‘V.E.N.T. Volume III’ distributed on all digital music platforms. I got a lot of new singles on the way this summer and another project coming at the end of the year.”

What helped you get into music?:In middle school I was in a program that gave free computers to students for their schoolwork, but instead of using it for that I would always write lyrics on it instead. Then in high school my buddy, Mike OhMy (check him out), took me to another rapper’s basement where I recorded my first song. After that I starting investing into real recording studios and got hooked to creating more music.”

One thing you would tell your fans: “I just wanna thank you guys for the support! Y’all have watched me grow over the past couple years and I really appreciate all the love you guys show me! I got a lot of music on the way, so keep spreading the word and stay tuned guys!”

Goals for 2017: “My goal is to definitely keep grinding, building my fanbase, spreading my music out there to a larger audience. More shows and more music until everyone knows who Ali Masego is and is pumpin my music in their clubs, in their cars on their cellphones, wherever ! Also, to keep finding ways to bring a unique style to my music that keeps fans coming back for more!” Old school with a new school feel …Bars, Beats , Swag. That’s my goal , that’s my brand, that’s my word! Peace

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