P Δ R i D Ø X

P Δ R i D Ø X

Exclusive Interview 

BIO My name is P Δ R i D Ø X and I’m an all around creative artist from Aurora Colorado. I’m very passionate about art in many forms and can create art in many forms. –

Top Influences? Right now, there are only a few people I draw inspiration from. These include The Weeknd and Joyner Lucas, but also I derive my creativity and style from artist like Kid Cudi, Tech N9ne and Eminem.

New Projects?  As of now I think I’m a little while away from releasing a full length project. I’m just now starting to put music out so right now I’m just focused more on building a name and reputation for myself through various songs I plan to soon be releasing.

What got you into music?Even as a very little kid, like at the age of 4, I guess it was just something about watching famous artists on TV do performances and music videos that resonated with me. It started with mimicking Michael Jackson dance moves. The next thing I know I’m writing my own songs.

Anything to tell your fans? I would tell my fans first and foremost that I love them for supporting me. I’d let them know that one of my biggest goals is to build a close relationship with them. –

My biggest goals for 2017 are putting out music at a steady pace, getting that music recognized, and building a name and fanbase for myself.

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