DJ Ethik

Dj Ethik

Exclusive Interview 

BIO Born in Reno, NV and raised in between Reno and the east Bay Area Brandon Murata / Dj Ethik started out as a Bboy then later got into Djing from his cousin Los. Once he taught me how to quick mix and scratch I was hooked. Then in 02 a good friend Dialect HD got me into production/ beat making and I got my first MPC 2000XL. I’ve djed up and down the west coast and in 06 I moved to Vegas and djed at a couple spots there like Caramel, Stk, The V Bar, & Jet. Now I’m back in Reno and currently spinning at local spots and working at Wild 102.9 doing production on top of that. You’ll have to make it sound better lol I’m not good at writing


Top 5 Influences?  Maurice White from Earth Wind and Fire, this guys production is amazing. Diamond D J-Dilla Madlib Nottz

New Projects? I’m currently working on a new project with my brotha Mahtie Bush out in Sacramento. Should be out later this year. Follow my IG to stay up to date with that.

What helped you get into music? What helped me get into music Aside from the fact my mom would dress me up on holidays and make me dance to Michael Jackson and Earth Wind & Fire Bboying got me started then a lot of my friends in high school started rapping and I started learning how to spin. My first real experience was when this group here in Reno called Element now called Blackrockcity allstars put me on as their dj. They used to open for Digital Underground and that feeling of controlling a crowd became addicting.

One thing to tell your fans? One thing to tell my fans I have fans?? Lol For real though thank each and every one of you for supporting me through this journey. The last couple years people have been throwing love my way and it’s a good feeling when people appreciate what you do. So thank you guys


Biggest Goals? Biggest goals First be a good father and husband to my wife Lili and my two boys Zayden & Kenji aka Baby Godzilla. Hopefully I’ll be able to spin all over the country and do more production with other dope artists. Whether I blow up or not doesn’t matter, All i want happiness for my friends and family from here on out.

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