Dawn Duchess

    Exclusive Interview    BIO  Dawn Duchess was born August 24th in Sacremento, California, the only child to a Military family from the South. Just one year later her family relocated to Europe, where she spent all her childhood and some early adult years in a small town in German At a very young age her parents separated which drew … More Dawn Duchess


Exclusive Interview  Give us your bio “My family always called me KK, not Keoni. That’s what I want my fans to be—Family.” KK locked in a spot performing Honolulu for the Coast2CoastLive showcase @NextDoor in Waikiki. He just featured on Todd Rundgren’s WHITE KNIGHT album with Dãm Funk released by Cleopatra Records. He releases his … More KonsciousKreative

Emcee Rhysistance

https://open.spotify.com/artist/5nU6ihGXUdjLNR0365x5Vu … https://play.google.com/music/listen?u=1#/artist/Aonwoddtcbx2belhzro5h5o2qra/Emcee+Rhysistance … https://listen.tidal.com/artist/8928033  http://www.deezer.com/album/44465771   Exclusive Interview   BIO Kia Ora my name’s Rhys Johns (Emcee Rhysistance) and I’m a 17 year old hip hop artist from Devonport, New Zealand. Give my music a listen if you are sick of hearing auntotunes and skkkkrrrrttttss!  to the fans! Links below-(Also on a lot of other platforms like apple … More Emcee Rhysistance

DeCesare Beats

Exclusive Interview  BIO I am an 18 year old producer from Southington, Connecticut. I recently graduated from Southington High School two months ago and plan to continue my education at UConn while continuing with my music career. I first learned about producing from my dad who has been in a band for around 40 years … More DeCesare Beats

Mikey D

Exclusive Interview  BIO The history of Mikey D starts in Laurelton, Queens where he met and joined forces with DJ Johnny Quest who would accompany him as they rocked block parties, park jams, house parties, shows and clubs. Mikey D and Johnny Quest eventually became members of the Clientel Brothers. It was a group that … More Mikey D


Exclusive Interview  Top 5 Influences? Pro Era, G-Eazy, Macklemore, Kendrick Lamar, Chance the Rapper. These artists have impacted me to bring me to making music to me even bringing the inspiration saying I can do this! & there are many more but it’s pretty hard for a top 5. New Projects? I have 0 Projects … More Melzts


 Exclusive Interview  BIO I’m Sean Vieyra, my friends call me Sean V, my twitter handle seanvatoflaco, and some even still call me Gary lol… I grew up all around Nebraska, I know it’s a weird place to picture a hip hop artist residing, but there’s actually a lot of dope rappers and talented musicians where … More seanvatoflaco

Kid Vista

Spotify: https://t.co/rvKkD4pmmk Exclusive Interview  Top 5 influences: In no particular order, Tupac, Kanye, Andre 3000, Childish Gambino, and Pharrell. New Projects?: I just dropped my “Stardust” album on May 7th and my newest EP, “Vista Season: The Warm Up”, will be dropping on all streaming platforms on July 28th. Anything to tell your fans? It’s been … More Kid Vista


  Exclusive Interview      Bio 2240 S State street is where my entire immediate family was raised even as a child I remember the Hoovers who lived across the hall from us in the Ickes. I lived there until I was about 5 and my mom and I moved to the Roseland right off … More Nino BVRCV


  Exclusive Interview    BIO I’m a 25 year old teacher I Detroit Public Schools. I teach world history and use a lot of hip hop culture in my curriculum and classroom life. I started a hip hop club this year for my students to create and share their art in the community, called Lyrical … More Droflow