Tre B


Exclusive Interview 

BIO my name is tre b. im 23. i produce and write all my my music.

Top Influences? im mainly influenced by Tupac. i like Drake alot. and i was a super lil wayne fan but these last few years he lost me. im mainly forming my sound to resemble Tupac. because he’s the greatest ever.

New Projects? i dont have any projects as far as mixtapes comin out. i just find a sample, make a beat, write to it, then put it straight on soundcloud.

Anything to say to your fans? i really dont have any fans lol but if i did i would tell them to stay focus and no matter what happens in life as long as your not facing life in jail or on your death bed then you can make something happen out here. anything is possible with faith and ambition.

Biggest Goals?  My biggest goal is to change. I want so much i could start anywhere like helping homeless off the street, helping my fam pay bills, i also wanna help kids who might not know any better, i wanna make sure they know right from wrong. I been out here before, it is not good. but i always drop new music. i try to at least every week or every other week. Just always check me out on soundcloud.

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