T Burk


Exclusive Interview 

Top 5 Influences? My top 5 influences ? That’s a hard one but I would have say they are 1. Eminem of course 2.futuristic 3.hopsin 4 shwayze 5. Baby bash

New Projects? I am currently working on a 9 song project called “music is the cure” I don’t have an official date yet. But goal is done close to end of summer

What got you into music? As a child I always had a passion for music. I grew up off of punk rock and hip hop. I was in chorus in school and did a college play at the age of 8 and some other school plays. I was always big into singing then I started writing rap lyrics in 5th grade. And just devolved a habit and passion for it. I would freestyle in my room and stay up all day and night and practice One thing I would tell my fans is that honestly anything can happen and you can be anything you wanna be you just have to work hard for it and put time into it. You can’t wait for it you gotta go get it and show you want it. It takes a lot of time and effort and some times even money but in the end it’s worth it. Be your self and all you can be and who you wanna be. And if it’s for music make your own lane and do what you wanna hear and what makes you happy don’t be like everyone else.

One of my biggest goals for 2017? It would have to be have my ep done and my next project started and do more shows and get my name out more.

Anything else? My name is Tyler but I go by T-Burk thank you for doing the interview I’m on all socials.

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