Kamron Bahani


Exclusive Interview 



Kamron Bahani is a 23-year old rapper who’s been critically acclaimed by 2DopeBoyz, The Needle Drop, We All Want Someone to Shout For, and other industry bloggers. He was born in New York but relocated to Madison County, Alabama at age 2; that is where he first heard hip-hop. At a cookout in ’97, someone played ATLiens, there, he fell in love.

His style is said to be reminiscent of the Golden Era with a contemporary twist. He can do it all; have fun, be lyrical, make you smile, make you hate, all with the fundamental reasoning that human emotion correlates to expressionism. “I hate no one, I love all, life is about empiricism. A negative experience embodies the path we all must navigate.” His love and yearning for knowledge always propel him to strive for greatness.

He was formerly known as Kuhlamity, but changed his name to Kamron Bahani, his actual name, in an attempt to prolong a legacy. He wants to inspire, he will bring that into fruition. 

Jedi Mind Tricks
Big L
Big Pun
What helped you get into music?
When I was younger, I was living in Alabama; I was at a cook out and someone was playing SouthernPlayalisticCadillackMuzik by OutKast, I fell in love. Shit just hit me, ever since then it’s been my main priority.
What’s one thing you would tell your fans?:
I’m never stopping until I make it.
New Projects:
“By The River” available on August 25th
What are your biggest goals for 2017:
Buy my momma a crib and take care of all those who’ve supported. 

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