Jae Wickid

Jae Wickid

Exclusive Interview 

BIOCurrently residing in Lubbock Tx, (rated the most boring city in the U.S.) an artist by the name of Jae Wickid manages to be the spark and lightens up the city with his musical capability. From various genres of music he composes, it’s safe to say he has no particular style indeed as his open mind exceeds to no limitations when creating masterpieces. With no kind of resources what so ever to help such as, record labels, A&R’s, managers or promoters, videographers, and no local radio support, the “DO IT YOURSELF” scheme Jae establishes quite well. The self made indie musician produces his own records, cd covers, and videos wit no help but ambition and the will to succeed in a “DEAD END CITY,” quoted by Jae Wickid himself. With no promoter to help, the m.c. desirably reaches out not to just spread the truth and the love of the world, but also to give people hope from a different perspective in which they can relate to and to prove “REAL RAP” still exists. So if your lost in life like Jae is, feel free to accompany him on as he calls it, “the journey to find myself.”

Top 5 influences1. Tupac 2. Eminem 3. Big Pun 4. Chinx Drugz 5. Z-Ro

New Projects? ReeFerr RE-rolled (RE-release to Reeferr) Jus released on 6/18/2017 L.O.S.T. Tape Release Date- 9/13/2017 L.I.F.E. mixtape Release Date- Next Year

What helped you get into music?  I use to write poetry when I was a kid and would listen to my older brother rap (R.I.P. Trey). After he committed suicide I felt the need to turn my poetry to lyrics an carry on his legacy

One thing you would tell your fans? 1 thing i would tell my fans- “Where yall at” lol jus kidding. I would say “l cant do this without yall”

Goals for 2017•Get closer to GOD •Be an excellent father to my first child im having this year •Gain more exposure •Continue to grow a bigger fan base •Rank in the Top 100 Billboards

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