Exclusive Interview 

BIO I started playing guitar when I was 10, heavily influenced by Johnny Cash and The Beatles, I picked it up pretty fast. After a few years I moved on to drumming where I started to study it obsessively under a mentor at my high-school. I used to skip multiple academic classes class in a row to practice in the band room a lot. In grade 12, I graduated 6 months early with my eyes set on Capilano University in Vancouver BC for a Jazz Drumming course, but was not accepted. This pushed me to start writing my own music in my spare time. A lot of the credit of my skills is attributed to my father, who is an incredible guitar player and drummer. Currently I’m working on 4 projects. One of which is a heavy rap/metal band out of Vancouver, another is a rapper out of Creston who I am creating beats for as well as two other acoustic artists who I am recording singles for out of my home studio in Vancouver.

New Projects? I have one 5-track, self produced album coming out in August and hopefully my first ep by late in the year so those would be my biggest goals as well for 2017

Biggest Goals?My biggest goal right now is collaborating and finding artists that want to be under one record label name, creating music and doing shows around the country. Some secondary goals are creating a full length Adaptation EP by 2018, having a full, 4 piece band on stage with me while I rap and of course, building my studio up to be more and more professional.

Top 5 Influences? My 5 influences, Led Zeppelin, Tool, POS, Doomtree and Atmosphere, sum up pretty well where my sound comes from. I like to mix elements of hard rock and hip-hop, hence why I want a band on stage with me plus, more members on stage is more exposure for those artists involved. Some of the most difficult things I’m finding to overcome in hip-hop right now are people’s skewed preconceptions about what it’s all about. And although I’ll admit there are a lot of hip-hop acts out there that spread a bad name for the genre, I think people just don’t know where to look to find the real gems. The Sage Francis’s and Shad’s of the underground scene are out there and it would be nice to break past this everlasting barrier that people seem to put up whenever they hear rap/hip-hop.

Anything to tell your fans? I’d tell my fans to keep supporting local music by listening and sharing their favourites with others. I would challenge artists coming up in this music to not just climb that barrier, but bust it the hell down and show that hip-hop can be about love and breaking down stereotypes created by uninformed and closed-minded people stuck in a loop of top 40 songs on the radio.

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