Meeks Major

Exclusive Interview 

BIO Isaiah Major Meeks Also Known As “Meeks Major” Is At 20 Year Old Independent Hip hop/Rap Recording Artist Out Of Upstate Kingston NY. During His Early Life Meeks Major Always Had Love For Hip hop/Rap Music Such As His Favorite Artists Fab, Kanye , The Notorious B.I.G, 2 PAC, Nas, Jay Z, etc etc As He Got Older He Grew On The Culture Of The Music Listening To All Types Of Genres Of Music Like R&B , Jazz, Soul Music , And More And More Different Types Of Music . When He Was In About 8th Grade He Started Freestyling For Fun Wit His Friends And Cousins During and After School. When Meeks Hit High School As A Freshman His Main Focus Was Sports Mainly Basketball. He Dreamed One Day He Would Get A Scholarship To Play In College And Go Off To School For Free. But Once He Got Cut From His JV Team His Soph Year His Whole Life Changed . Meeks Had A Passion For Ball But Also Noticed That Basketball Is Could Only Get You So Far. He Felt Like That Wasn’t A Way To Make Real Money In The World. So From Their He Just Focused On Ways To Get Money . You can Say He Became An Entrepreneur On Anything He Could Get His Hands On . Heart And Mind Of A Hustler You Would Say But Deep Down His True Love Was Music. By The Time He Graduated High School He Went On To College. Prior To That He Dealt With Tragic Losses Of His Brother “Kaireem Meeks” And 3 Of His Close Friends Dante Crump, Jeff McQueen, And Jonte Clark. His Mind Was Every Where At The Time A Week Before He Went To School Dealing With This Tragic Incident. In The End Meeks Went On And Ended Up Not Even Completing A Semester At College. His Financial Situation Wasn’t Right At The Time To Pay Off Loans From A School. He Came Back Home With A Cluttered Mind Looking Fo Ways To Get Money. Through The Months He Worked A Few Job But Ended Up Leaving Every One Of Them Shorty. So Than The Idea Came To Him. He Realized In Life You Should Do What Makes Yourself Happy. He Thought About The Things He Did Everyday That He Loved. Then Right Then And There He Started His Music Career As A Rapper. Within A Year Meeks Major Has Been Blessing The Speakers With Back To Back Hits And Singles Along Wit His Current Released Mixtape Titled “Straight From The H” Available On Spinrilla, mymixtapez, Datpiff , and SoundCloud . He Also Is Currently The Owner Of His Brand “Major League Inc.” That Has Been Up And Running For About 3 Months Hosting Party’s , Selling Merchandise And Clothing Such As T-Shirts, Hats, Wristbands Etc Etc Follow Our Major League Page On IG -major_league_inc Twitter – Look Out For New Major League Inc. Merchandise &Clothing Along With Website  Make Sure You Follow Meeks Major On Every Social Media Site. IG-majorleague_meeksmajor Twitter & Snapchat isaiah_meeks Look Out For Major’s Upcoming Music Videos, Shows, And New Music Such As Upcoming Singles And His Next Mixtape “The Killa In Me” Dropping Soon

Influences? Majors biggest influence in music is Grammy Nominated Producer/ Hip Hop & Recording Artist Tyler Bryant AKA “Velous”. Him And Meeks Used To Joke Around Spitting Freestyles At Local Spots Such As The Ymca And Such Not. Meeks Never Took Music Seriously Until He Viewed The Way Velous Created His Music. Velous Can Sing , Rap , Produce , Is A Songwriter, And Also Plays Drums Piano And Guitar. He’s What You Call A One Man Band.


Projects? ” “The Killa In Me”  The Mixtape is coming out very soon. 

Anything to tell your fans?: One Thing I Would Tell My Fans Is I Couldn’t Have Done Any Of This Music Work Without The Help Of Them Supporting My Craft And Just Being Loyaly And Knowing My Story and Where I Come from . I Appreciate Everything They Do For Me And They Know I Show Loyalty And Love In Return 

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