Mansa Leone

Mansa Leone

Exclusive Interview 

BIO Mansa Leone( born March 26 1995) is an up and coming rap/hip hop artist based out of 35th Ave and Dunlap ( Phoenix, Az ) Leone and his family transfer here in 2005 from Freetown Sierra Leone. Leone has always love hip hop as a kid back in Sierra Leone, even though he could barely understand the music. At age 17 he started freestyling with his classmates, by age 19 he concluded he wanted to make music. Leone tone and works are credited by artists like lil wayne, 2pac, 50 cent , DMX , eazy-e , Eminem , also Biggie smalls and many more. Mansa Leone dropped his first project(the 4gotten ones) under the MORAY RECORD label which was a success for the label. Now Leone is on a mission to get recognized by the city with his latest singles Benji, cigarette papers. Leone want to bring a new sound to the city. There isn’t a new project on the way yet , but here’s a lot More coming from the young artist himself.

Top 5 Influences? My Top five influences are notorious BIG , 50 CENT , DMX , lil Wayne , 2pac

New Projects? I actually have a project dropping next year. I really don’t know the name yet but I got a couple of songs ready and I’m working on more song so hopefully by next year it’ll be ready.


What got you into music? What me got me into music was the culture, the fashion and lifestyle also just the EVERYDAY things we do.

Anything to tell your fans? One thing I would tell my fans is DO IT NOW. sometimes later becomes never u dig

Goals for 2018? My goals for 2018 is to work more and do more

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