Kyland Taylor

Exclusive Interview

BIO My name is Kyland Taylor. Born in small town Elko, Nevada and was raised all over Arizona including Phoenix. I currently reside in Salt Lake City, UT. Where I’ve began to pursue a dream. damn that’s hard haha

Top 5 Influences? My top 5 gotta be , Isaiah Rashad, Kendrick Lamar, Little Simz, Frank Ocean and probably J. cole / SZA has to be up there too

What got you into music? Ever since I was a like 5 I loved music. I remember making paper CDs and used to put my name on it and pretend to listen to it in my CD player haha. There’s one certain event that let me know this is what I love and need to do though. I was about 9 or 10 and I was stayin w my drug addict sister for a week and she attempted to “kidnap” my niece and myself and we were driving to Vegas. And the music was on and shit man I can still see it in my head. We were in her car and the neon lights from her CD player were changing colors and just set the vibe for the night and T-Pain’s “Bartender” was playing and in that moment, amongst all the bullshit and fear that was in that car, I have never felt so much peace and reassurance, felt like I could feel God in the car just from the peace that I had felt from the love of the music.

One thing you would tell your friends? One thing I would tell my fans is THANK YOU. they have definitely helped me find my talents and allow me to continually be open and vulnerable to them through my music. They are what keep me going and I would tell them to chase the fuck out of there dreams because there’s no better feeling in the world than chasing your purpose.

New Projects? My newest project will be out on 6.20.17 and it’s called LOTUS

Biggest Goals of 2017 My biggest goals for 2017 are to hit the road and start going on Tour w some bigger artists. I have confidence that my next tape is gonna be the one that puts me on the map so maybe some bigger interviews, bigger shows and I’d love to start meeting some fans outside of my state.


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