Mr. iFlow


Exclusive Interview 

Bio: Hailing out Of a Small Town in Connecticut, with Ties to the West Coast (Los Angeles, California) as well having lived in the South (Augusta, Georgia). Mr.iFlow aka Bka Flow Sinatra (1/4) Of the Rap Pack. Now Residing In NYC. Has Hip Hop In his DNA. Being Related to the World Famous Beat Junkie and Legend DJ JRocc. Flow began his Journey as a emcee at the age of 11. Looking Up to His older Cousin JRocc as well as Other Hip Hop Legends he fell in love with the Words and Stories from artist of the Golden Era of Hip Hop, Which is reflected in his style and Lyrics. With two Projects already under his belt (The Revolutions Evolution & The Rebel) all available on Bandcamp. He now has a new Single and video out called “Flow Sinatra (My Way)” for his New Concept Project the MADxiLLA Tape, in which he pays Homage to Legendary Artist and Producers the Late Great J Dilla & Loop Digger Madlib whom he was connected to by Mentor Dawud West & JRocc. With his Easy Flow No Pun and Thought provoking Lyrics Mr.iFlow is looking to Bring Hip Hop back that feeling of Real Hip Hop.

Top 5 Influences: My Top 5 Influences in Hip Hop is a tough question… However Jay Z is my Biggest Influence from there I’d say Biggie, Nas, Black Thought, & Kendrick. However I am a fan of Any Real Emcee so after Hov there are plenty I am also highly influenced by my Peers fellow Emcees (no Trap Shit).

New Project? New projects on the Horizon for Myself Another video and The Release of The MADxiLLA Tape, (Sometime this summer to early Fall) Then A joint Album with Fellow Hometown Emcee “Choc” Called “The Rebel & The Radical” “The Rap Pack” Album and finally “The Rebel 2 (JustAKidFromBridgeport)”.

What helped me get into Hip Hop? My Cousin Jrocc influenced me a lot though he may not know. The fact that I was related to someone that made big impact on the culture was amazing to me. Along with the culture itself From B Boys to Bomber (Taggers or Street Artist) to The Dance Crews to finally the Emcees learning different styles and hearing the different stories from so many parts of the world Hip Hop pre Trap era is what got me into it. I love words and the Different ways to express them. Also my Brother from another Travis Pettway I can’t forget that if you hear any song and hear me say “what up trav” it’s him, he believed in me when no one else did.

One thing to tell your fans? One thing I would tell my fans is… Thank you for all the support from the littlest to the biggest supporters, there is no artist without you. Don’t wait til radio or mainstream dictates whats hot to you. You the Fan Support what you’re feeling musically. Make the industry see what’s really dope. Share them links Repost them. Buy the Art.

My Biggest Goals for 2017Connect with More Fans….Reach more and more people

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