Exclusive Interview 

Bio:North Florida Artist Young Goldy aka GOLDY. Raised in Central Florida, has always been into music and freestyle rapping. Recently started pushing to make his way into the industry this past year! Having his first performance at a Coast2coast showcase in 2016. It’s safe to say GOLDY sets the bar high for himself! Also releasing two of his first videos NERF & F.U.T.C in 2016. Trying to turn trials into triumph while on probation and find success in the music and fashion industry.


Top 5 influences: Outkast , Lauren hill, Kanye west, lil Wayne, young thug

Recent and upcoming releases: The YOUNGGOLDYWRLD EP is out on YouTube & Soundcloud, The first official mixtape will be Released in August. My latest video Water Whippin is out now on YouTube!


What helped me get into music? I’ve always been around it, always knowing I could rap and other people’s confirmation of that I started to take it more seriously and realized I love it more than anything else I was good at.

What is one thing I would tell my fans? Always be true to yourself, and believe in yourself nothing in this life is impossible!

Biggest goal for 2017? My goal is to release more music and videos, perform a lot more and finesse my way to the top!

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