Exclusive Interview 

BIO A student of the game and a story-teller at heart, Trebien premiered with his debut solo track “About You.” In gripping fashion, Trebien takes you down memory lane with his smooth delivery and lyrical wordplay; as well as touch upon past events in his life that have helped shape him throughout the years. Enamored with music since his elementary days, Trebien has been featured on countless projects with the likes of Lio4real, Benny Blanco, and as 1/3 of his original rap triumvarant of Dre Goodz/King D/Trebien (then known as Diddy). Since his original single, Trebien has gone on to release 3 more singles. The gritty banger “FOMF” (Fuck Out My Face), the catchy hood anthem “How It Goes,” and his most recent release the uptempo motivational banger “Till We On.” All in anticipation to his first solo project; an EP scheduled for release later this year titled “The Calm & The Storm.”


Top 5 Influences: (music/hiphop-wise): no order…..Jadakiss, Styles P, Drake, Rakim, Mobb Deep…to name a few lol

New Projects? First solo EP scheduled to come out late summer/early fall titled The Calm & The Storm


What helped me get into music? Tbh…it’s something that has always called upon me, yet I never fully got around to focusing on it until around my early to mid 20s…I went on to feature on numerous projects, always receiving great feedback and praise. But after dancing around the idea of it for so long, I decided it’s time for a solo release. Time to leave my mark on the game. Give the people of New York as well as hiphop in general something it’s been missing for quite some time. That and the fact that my biggest fan (my daughter) has constantly requested more material so gotta give my fans what they want.

One thing to tell your fans? One thing I’d tell my fans is to be patient and be faithful. This project has been a long time coming, and as a self proclaimed artist first and foremost, I wholeheartedly intend to give you a well rounded project through and through. Also my official website will be coming soon. Complete with Upcoming Releases, Upcoming Performance Dates, Merch Giveaways, etc. So stay tuned!!!

Biggest Goals for 2017? I’d say to continue building my fanbase and catalogue. To get my music and brand the acclaim it deserves. As well as continue to make my daughter proud the further I continue my music.

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