Khilla Keys Beats

Khilla Keys Beats

Exclusive Interview

BIO Im just a young artist hailing out of Austin, TX trying to pave a way. Being a military brat i had a couple places ive gained influence from, but im a Texas raised soul with carribean roots. Grew up in the church, singing and playing the drums and keys. I think you may hear it in the way i arrange vocals. Im the founder of Broad Visions Music Group, a local music conglomerate out of Austin. I pride myself on not sounding like anyone, that’s just how Keys played out to be. I have a few different influences.

Top 5 Influences? Ryan Leslie and JustBlaze are by first inspirations as far as producing goes. Watching videos on youtube of them putting together hits i had heard on the radio got me. Kendrick is probably my biggest influence as far as mainstream goes. Hes the best out rn hands down. Chance for his independent moves and his unique style, and last but definitely not least Andre 3000. One of the greatest if not the GOAT. Doesnt get the respect he deserves when it comes to that conversation.

What got you into music? My boy Fred and i used to write poems and songs in the choir room at church. We used to sing those same songs to girls in between periods at school and they loved it. I was already playing instruments so we decided i would download fruity loops and try to make beats. How hard could it be right? Anyways, thats the Origin of Keys, even though i was going by a different name back then.

One thing to tell your fans? One thing i would tell my fans is that they arent my fans. They’re my supporters. The foundation of everything i build. I need yall and i appreciate you every one of you. Help add to the foundation by telling ya peoples about the music or just play it for em. Some of

Biggest goals of 2017? my biggest goals of 2017 is to land the stage with some bigger artists and spread my influence. I want to kill everything with consistency until i get the respect i deserve.

New Projects? I just dropped a new project called Angels/demons on June 1st with a visual. Its out on almost every platform including Spotify and soundcloud. I have a new project dropping July 28th, another short project for you while i work on this album produced by G Rod. I always make my own beats so its good to get creative with a new soul. Long story short i have alot coming out so stay tuned. Follow me on all platforms

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