Dylan Phillip

Exclusive Interview 

BIO Name-Brody Newman Age-20 (Aug. 18, 1996) Born-Baltimore, MD Currently, I attend St Bonaventure University and am on pace to graduate in 2018. I wish to add multiple accomplishments through music soon.

Top Influences?  My biggest influence would be my family. My four biggest influences in music would be August Alsina, Charlie Puth, The Chainsmokers and Camila Cabello. Listening to a variety of genres has helped me tremendously. Alsina has really helped me understand the R&B genre. Alsina is the greatest lyricist I have ever listened too. Puth’s music video for “We Don’t Talk Anymore” is my favorite. The Chainsmokers have amazed me since day one. I have dreamed taking over the world in a musical duo with a loyal friend since the age of 10. The success story dream with another person will always exist. I think I might have found my loyal friend.

New Projects? I am currently working on new projects as we speak. They don’t have an exact date but I should have a couple more songs out throughout the summer. My next two singles will be titled “Always In Love” and “Chances.” Deep material. Should listen.

What got you into music?  Inspiration. Music inspires people like nothing else. I have aspired to own a record company since the age of 10 or 11 because my love for business. Every child wants to make a fortune. I started fooling around with producing music in high school, but took the writing side more seriously. When I attended college, producing and writing became equal. In a production class, the professor asked us to make a song as our final. Fortunately, I met Sammi just before starting my final. Her smile and glowing personality lit up the room (remember it like it was yesterday) and inspired me to write a song about her. I asked her to be on the track with her beautiful voice and we began this as a fun project. Then, after some luck, Dylan Phillip agreed to do verses on it and the class project took to new heights. I am blessed for how far this project has come. Music has always been a passion of mine and to be able to inspire others with my music puts a smile on my face.

Anything to tell your friends? Never give up on your dream. Find loyal people in your life and go for what you want to be. The only person stopping you from achieving your dream is you, not all your doubters. Use these doubters as inspiration.

5. Biggest goals for 2017 I wish Butterflies will be the next summer jam. Hit the scene like Omi did with Cheerleader. Make Sammi and myself the next power duo in the US. She is a star. It is only a matter of time, hopefully. Things become stressful in this industry, but a positive attitude and hard work ethic outweighs stress. Make more inspiring music for fans. I think fans will enjoy my next two singles. Inspire as many fans as possible. Life can be difficult at times, but music is therapy. With this interview, I hope I have enlightened and inspired many fans to pursue any passion. People might have more talent, but should never work harder than you. Thanks for the interview. I appreciate it.

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