Vick Lejet

Vick Lejet

Exclusive Interview 

Give us your bio: I’m Vick Lejet and I’m from Sydney, Australia. I’ve been making music since late 2014 and as of last year been teaming up with fellow Australian Thrillboy for production.

Top 5 influences?: Jeezy, 50 Cent, Drake, Lil Wayne & Kanye West

New projects?: At the moment there aren’t any I’m working on. Just trying to put out as many singles possible this year.

What helped you get into music?: Always loved music since a child. In 2014 the passing of my Grandmother made me want to pursue it even more. In 2016 my best friend and producer Thrillboy helped me craft a whole new sound for me and the rest is history.

Anything to tell your fans?: I appreciate every single one of them and for the outstanding support they’ve given me.


Biggest goal for 2017?: To create a single that will kick start everything for me and take me to new heights

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