Ten Square






Exclusive Interview 


Bio : Ten Square is a french Indie pop band that was created in Paris. 4 friends who share the same passion : creating awesome melodies that get stuck in your head and obsess you until the end of time. It’s in a small parisian appartment that the band regurarly reunits itself to write songs together and compose catchy indie pop anthems. The band was created a little more than a year ago and spent the last months touring in the best parisian venues (Bus Palladium, New Morning, Supersonic, Alhambra, Batofar, Backstage, Truskel…etc) Fresh as a good loaf of bread, Ten Square will get stuck in your head.

Top 5 influences : The Beatles Dire Straits Red Hot Chili Peppers Arcade Fire Pink Floyd Projects : We released our first EP last month. The EP is called « We Are Human » and is available on all platforms. Stream it baby ! ►

What got you into music? We didn’t need any help to get into music. Music got to us and we welcomed it into our world.

One thing we want to tell our fans : Where are you ?

Our biggest goals for 2017 : we are going to release a new single called « The Game ». We shot a video clip. We are going to release it in a few weeks. We hope it is going to become an internet sensation and become a top tweet on Twitter.

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