KY fried Beatz

Exclusive Interview 

BIO I’m 33, from Louisville KY. Used to be the drummer for a local rock band “Consume Consumer”. I still play the drums, and also guitar but mainly focus on making beats on the computer.

Top 5 Influences? Dr Dre was a big influence getting me into hip hop. Manny fresh was also influential at that time. Now I look to other styles of music for influence, the “Wugazi” mixmatch was very inspiring to hear stuff like that. So I should probably say Rza too, yea.

New Project? I’m gonna be dropping beats over the summer for sure, just posted one on soundcloud last night

What helped you get into music? Being around instruments and musicians a lot when I was younger kind of lead me to incorporating that into my life. Started off playing drums, then learned guitar, then started making beats when I was like 15 or 16 initially on a tascam 4 track with a casio keyboard.

Anything to say to your fans? I’d say to try to be inspired by simple things, but also to seek inspiration in rare places as well.

My goal for 2017: would be to just get better at what I do and hopefully maybe an eventual collabo with another dope artist.

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