Jid Scan

Jiddy 🤘🏽

Exclusive Interview  

Give us your bio Born into hip hop’s golden age and raised in its entrepreneurial bling phase of the 2000’s, JidScan embodies the characteristics of an artist that respects the roots while still looking to be progressive. Coming out of the small town of Franklin, NJ, JidScan started writing his first bits of music as a preteen. His interests in writing raps led to him crafting his own songs that he began recording at the age of 13. Jid spent his teenage years writing and making beats, but it wasn’t until recently that he decided to pursue the music full time after an eye-opening experience changed his perspective on his approach to his goals. Inspired by greats of today and yesterday, Jid prides himself on his versatility with mind numbing wordplay, an ability to to switch flows on a dime, and he’s even able to hit a few notes as he is developing his own sound. JidScan just released his first official project titled Promise I Won’t Let You Down, a 5 song EP that watches him touch on different sounds as he offers the listener pieces of himself that create a transparent listening experience. The title also serves as a message to his supporters as his story is only beginning. Standout cuts such as “May 25th” exemplify his progressive approach as he puts a twist on The Weeknd’s fan-favorite “Rolling Stone.” JidScan is poised for a stardom and it seems as if the only limit his the sky. Who are your top 5 influences It’s super difficult for me to keep it at just 5, but I’m going to keep it light here… I will say Tupac for his work ethic… Jay Z, overall…he represents excellence Ice Cube, for how straightforward and effective he was Eminem, for his way with words and flows Andre 3000 for his willingness to take risks, and his ability to create pictures This is a question that’s so difficult for me, I tried to keep it at the guys we look at as greats, but there’s no doubt I’m inspired by guys like Drake, Kendrick, and others from this generation and others…beyond that other genres too

. When are your new projects coming out? I’m working an EP titled “Sacred Hearts” with a dope producer named 198o8. It’s going to be an experience as I’m going to focus more on harmonizing, melodies, pretty much singing on this project. You can expect that very, very soon. That will lead into my next full project which has a title, I’m going to keep to myself for now though.

What helped you get into music? Well I’ve always wanted to do music, but initially I was shy to be honest. I wasn’t sure how I would be received or if I was drinking my own juice. Then I had a situation where I almost lost everything I’ve worked for just living reckless. It changed my approach to life in general, but of course music. I started putting work out and people started showing love and reaching out to work. The rest is history as they say.

What is one thing you would tell your fans? First and foremost thank you. I’m nothing without you and I truly mean that. Secondly I don’t ever want to box myself in as an artist. I feel like the greatest gift beyond the money and glory is the freedom to do whatever you want. But through it, I got you. Promise I Won’t Let You Down.

What are your biggest goals for 2017? I want to release a classic project and partake in a successful tour. Hopefully with a major artist or on my own. I’m going to do my part and leave the rest to one above.

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