Yeung Human

Yeung Human

Exclusive Interview 

BIO: Yeung Human is a Boston based Hip-Hop Music Producer, Drummer, DJ and Skateboarder, making movies.

 Top 5 Influences?  J Dilla, Questlove, Metro Boomin, A$AP MOB, Odd Future

New Projects?  I Just Dropped the Chopped Beets EP as well as 4 Singles with Stu Lee in the past Month. We will be putting out more music together before we release the upcoming (finished) album.

Top  Influences?  My Mother, Skateboarding, Heavy Metal and Hip-Hop

Anything to say to your fans?  Check out all my Music and Social Media pages, Get a copy of “Chopped Beets” and stay tuned for New Releases and Projects

Top goals for 2017?  My Biggest goal for 2017 is to put out at least 3 more solid Hip-hop records with other people.


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