Treshaun Blount

Treshaun Blount

Exclusive Interview 

Give us your bio: Honestly I don’t have a bio my story is my music. Everything I tell or experience is pretty much me. It’s like how a painter creates his masterpiece by just being inspired or just something he saw with his own eyes. Music is like 6th sense to me it’s a unexplainable feeling and I love every second of it.

Who are your top 5 influences? That would be pretty simple and not at the same time. The top spots go to Pac and Bigs but the other three would be Eminem, Michael Jackson, and Childish Gambino in a huge fan lol. What are your new projects coming out? I don’t really have a flair for the dramatic honestly just wait and see my nerdy anime loving lame gamer ass will think of some pretty dope stuff lol.

What helped you get into music? I don’t speak on it a lot but simply put, music saved me from some of the worst things imaginable. Life. Suicide. Stress. Quitting. Death. The worst of it I’ll never speak on but it’s saved me so many times.

What is the one thing you would tell your fans? Probably if it’s a small group go out and try to connect with as many as possible and see the amazing people who took time out there day for me. Or I would just say thank you for giving me a chance. Then I would ask who paid them lol.

What are your biggest goals for 2017? More Music. More Performances. Keep moving forward. And attempt marrying Mila J 

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